Arctic by nature

At Kaskein, we honour and respect the Arctic nature, its healing powers and its tasty, healthy flavours. The pristine and wild northern environment guarantees the purity of our products. 

Arctic forests, often hundreds of years old, are the natural growing ground for all our products. The long summer days of the north give our berries and mushrooms their rich and delicious flavour.

We believe that vitamins and nutrients are in the berries and mushrooms for a reason. That is why we process the ingredients as little as possible. Hence, our products contain everything that the Arctic nature has naturally intended.


Kaskein Marja Oy was founded in Finland in 1981 and is still run by the founding family. High quality is one of our main values. That is why we use only the best possible Finnish ingredients. We cherish the age-old, wise culinary cultures of Arctic region, aiming to produce pure, healthy and tasty products.


Products made entirely from organic ingredients have the EU Organic Logo on the packaging.
The Hyvää Suomesta label in our packaging that verifies that our products come from Finland.
We are also a proud member of the Food From Finland export project.
Our factory uses EKO-certified Metsävoima energy.