We produce beverages, jams, fillings and other products the way our clients want them – always efficiently and flexibly according to specific needs. Our R&D and wide collaboration network ensure the best possible result from idea to product.



We produce an extensive variety of different drinks according to the wishes or recipes of our clients. Do you have an idea about a product, or ready-made components for a specific product? READ MORE >

Freezing services

We freeze your berries and other products quickly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art equipment always ensures the best possible result, regardless of the amount of product. We can also contain and ship your frozen products flexibly and reliably.

Jams & fillings

Is manufacturing jams and fillings challenging for your company due to limited time, space or materials? Can’t find the kind of jam you like on the market?


We press juices from our clients’ own berries and fruits – small or large batches, always flexibly and with the highest quality. If needed, we also filter and pasteurize the juices after pressing.

Drying services

Want to dry your berries or mushrooms? We dry your products as whole, powdered or crushed. Our air-drying and freeze-drying services are efficient and of the highest quality, from small to large quantities.