Juice syrups and 100% juices

All our juices are produced from cold-pressed berries. We use nearly all available varieties of Arctic berries in our juices. We are specialized in forest berries and Finnish garden berries.

Our juice syrups always have a high percentage of 100% juice. We sweeten them with a minimal amount of sugar or fructose to enhance the natural, Arctic flavours of the berries.

We also produce 100% juices with no added sugar or water. We pack our juice syrups into 5.5 kg canisters. Our 100 % juices are packed into either 1 kg or 5 kg canisters. We pasteurize all our juices with our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure best possible shelf life.

Juice syrups

- strawberry
- raspberry
- cranberry
- strawberry-rhubarb
- lingonberry
- queen (bilberry-raspberry)
- sea buckthorn-apple
- rhubarb-cinnamon
- rhubarb-raspberry-redcurrant
- bilberry
- forest berry (bilberry-rowanberry-lingonberry)

We also sell juice concentrates with a brix of 65. Ask us for more.

100 % juices

- bilberry
- lingonberry
- sea buckthorn
- cranberry